We sell single origin roasted coffee under our private label in the UK and offer a speciality green coffee sourcing service from Colombia.


Build transparent and traceable relationships
Drive sustainability throughout the supply chain 
Implement ethical and fair standards of pricing 
Learn and innovate from changes in the industry


At Tierra Alta, the inspiration to trade in the coffee industry comes from the beauty of the landscapes, the freshness of the climate, the love of the producers, and the uniqueness of each crop. Our goal is to connect small and medium sized farmers to the international markets of roasters and coffee lovers.  We want to make the trade accessible, fair, and sustainable by maintaining price stability at the origin and traceability throughout the supply chain. We are constantly exploring ways to learn and improve our processes to become an acknowledged source of the coffee sourcing industry, and to make a positive contribution to the development of our global society.  

"I had been working in a rural community near Cartagena, Colombia for almost a year when we came up with the idea to help small farmers export their coffee. You wouldn't believe it, but before i fell in love with Colombian coffee, i was sure i would never drink coffee, ever.  Then one night on a small farm, nestled away in the Andes mountains of Córdoba, i tried my first cup of speciality coffee. And that's when it all changed. This cup told me a story. A story of a farmers hard work, a story of a family's love in the brew, a story of science and art, and a story of why speciality coffee really is special"

- Hannan Ali, Founding Director. 


We deal directly with coffee producers in Colombia and are registered exporters with the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia (FNC).  Whether you are a small roastery, shopping for bulk, or a home roaster, we can help you find the best varieties from Colombia. Our wholesale customers are our partners. We will do everything to make our relationship a prosperous and mutually beneficial one.  

Our private label roasted coffee is always responsibly sourced from a fresh crop of a single farm, estate, or co-operative. All coffee lovers whether you’re looking to stock our items, buy a gift, or just brew a nice cup of coffee - this is your pick! We are passionate about bringing our unique flavours to you. We work with speciality roasters to bring out the best flavours of our coffees. They take the raw bean and work to release its potential to honour the work of our farmers. The roaster's processes align with our values and play an important part in helping us deliver the best of the best to you. Our state-of-the-art packaging allows us to preserve the quality for a longer period than others! 


Regular and open communication with all parties helps us to and gain a better understanding of challenges each member of the supply chain faces. We can implement changes to impact economic factors in coffee-growing communities, improve our environmental impact, and create sustainable market trends. We want our customers to know their coffee is carefully and responsibly sourced. Direct trade allows for transparency in the supply chain, fairness in decisions, and responsible payments to the producers. Speciality coffee is not determined by market prices, rather for its high qualities, being free of defects, and desirable flavours. This quality-based pricing helps to safeguard farming practices from the reliance on pesticides thus proving to be beneficial for the environment. We know and understand that some farmers are not able to pay for certifications, however this doesn't stop us from working with them. We continue to support them and grow organic coffee. With fixed margins, we give the opportunity to farmers who want to access the speciality market to do so, whilst creating a predictable income for a greater number of people. The money paid directly to them helps support their community projects and co-operative initiatives.

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