El Paso - Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Origin: North Valley Co-Op, El Cairo, Cartago, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Altitude: 1900 masl

Variety: Caturra 

Process: Fully Washed/Wet

Roast: Medium-Dark/Full City+

Notes: Floral, red berries, & sugar cane. Creamy, medium body & bright acidity


Bahareque Tatamá is a coffee produced by small coffee farmers in the northwest of Valle del Cauca.


The land has many rich characteristics such as water basins, soils composed of volcanic ashes, excellent temperatures, and it is bordered by the forest where there are ecosystems with ample biodiversity. The coffee plantation is part of the culture of this territory; these families have devoted more than a century to this inherited tradition and their production helps to preserve the natural environment of the region.


Cafenorte is a cooperative with around 2000 associated Coffee families in 12 Regions of the North Valley. With more than 50 years experience leading the production and marketing of Coffee, their main purpose is to assure the wellness of the associated Coffee families through services, programs and certifications. By providing supervision and controlling the supply chain process from the farm until the milling or roasting, they guarantee traceability and fairness.



85 SCA Cup Score

Denominacion De Origen Protegido

Protected Geographical Indication

Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape (UNESCO World Heritage site)

El Paso - Valle del Cauca, Colombia


Upon opening the pack, the beans are at their freshest in the first two weeks, but once opened the coffee should be used within 1 month.


We highly recommend not to freeze or refrigerate your coffee as this will cause a build up in moisture. Coffee is best kept in a cool cupboard, in an opaque airtight container, away from direct sunlight, strong smells and strong temperatures.