El Tiempo - Cundinamarca, Colombia

Origin: Villa Mariana, Anolaima, Cundinamarca, Colombia 

Altitude: 1500 masl 

Variety: Castillo

Process: Sun Dried

Roast: Connoisseur, Medium-Dark

Notes: Cacao and Earthy Flavours, Roasty Aroma, Bright and Smooth Cup.


Anolaima is a municipality and township of Colombia in the department of Cundinamarca. It is located in the providence of Tequendama, 44 miles West of Bogotá. The coffee region is nestled along the western slopes of the Eastern Cordillera, a branch of the Andes Mountains. Anolaima is known as the Fruit Capital of Colombia, it's temperate and climate allows an ongoing growth of all kind of fruits that are harvested from the coldest to the warmest temperatures in Colombia. Coffee from this area is highly fragrant, nourished high on remote and misty hillsides under the shade of citrus and plantain trees. 

El Tiempo - Cundinamarca, Colombia


Upon opening the pack, the beans are at their freshest in the first two weeks, but once opened the coffee should be used within 1 month.


We highly recommend not to freeze or refrigerate your coffee as this will cause a build up in moisture. Coffee is best kept in a cool cupboard, in an opaque airtight container, away from direct sunlight, strong smells and strong temperatures.